Auskickers on the go!

Enjoying what is without doubt the best weather conditions across the entire season in about a decade, this season Auskickers are clearly making the most of it.

Old Tiger Tim can’t wait to see the fruits of that show when you Auskickers continue your journey in football.

Just two more weeks to go and still a lot to cover off.

The boys and girls have been mastering their own version of Australian Ninja Warrior each week as well as astounding all with their kicking challenges.

The latest “hoop heads” has been conquered by many of late, “rubbish bin legends” continues to challenge all that dare attempt and let’s just say “super boot” cleaned out the sock cupboard last week.

While there’s not been a lot of opportunity to build wet weather skills, we did test ourselves in the wind last week. Keep up the great work !

A reminder the last round is our annual kids versus grown up game. No truth to the rumour that the kids have started sledging the grown-ups by calling them the “Washington Generals” while referring to themselves as the “Harlem Globetrotters”…..Maybe this week the kids will learn some tips to further strengthen their cause against the grown-ups.

If I was a betting Tiger, I’d be putting pride rock on the kids !

Go Auskickers !

Tiger Tim.