Fixtures / Results

All teams fixtures and results are located on the YJFL website,
which can be accessed via this link:

Download the FOX SPORTING PULSE app on your smart phone to make sure you are up to date with the latest fixtures, results and you will never have to bother your team manager again!

sp-01On the iTunes store:

Or for Android devices on the google Play store:

Instructions for setting up the Sporting Pulse app
on your device

sp-02 1. Press the Australian Football from the main menu

sp-03 2. Search for Yarra Junior Football League and press it

sp-04 3. Press the league you are playing in, like ‘Tackers South East (1) 2014’

sp-05 4. Find your Richmond team
and press it

sp-06 5. Press the star button to add the team to the main menu

You can acess the fixture, ladder and results of your team directly from this page

sp-07 6. Now when you go back to the main menu your team will be there