U/14 Girls

Coach David Martin                                      Assistant Coach Chris McNeill

Team Manager Jane Lovett                      **** Training is Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm ****

Sunday 6 August v Surrey Park

Snow was falling in Macedon… rain was pouring in Melbourne, and it was super cold at Kevin Bartlett where the field more closely resembled a swamp than a footy field!

The two teams of 15 players took to the field without a bench, ready to fight hard for the win of the last game of the season.  Early play concentrated on back and forth competition for the ball across the midfield, before a break away Richmond ball saw Shannon sneak through a quick point.  Not to waste the opportunity, Bella got in front of the ball for the stoppage and managed a further follow up point.

Showing her early dominance, Shannon again got in front of the ball for a sensational mark and took a further shot for goal which was unfortunately unable to clear the distance.  Lily M made the most of the opportunity with a fabulous steal, quickly going for goal only to have that blocked by the post.

The ‘Lily to Lily’ machine was back in play, allowing Bella the first goal of the game as the sun broke through and brought some warmth to the afternoon. Well done Bella!

Charlotte was next to show her brilliance with back to back possessions, assisted by Aisha who made the most of her opportunities in the back line, assuring the ball remained in Richmond’s control.

Phoebe’s confidence in the tackle was obvious, pushing her opposition to the side with ease, while Carly ensured the ball made a great transition across the field with quick sharp moves. A quick quarter that seemed over way too soon, Richmond – 8, Surrey – 0.

The second term opened with a quick tackle to Bella and further mark to Shannon, as Chloe’s dominance on the field once again came to the fore,with her moving quickly and getting in to the ball.  As it traversed the field to the Surrey inside 50, a great fake by Lily M the result of a strong kick out by Aisha avoided a Surrey goal.

Alice charged across the field throwing her opponents side to side, while Lily Y did same pushing two out of her way at once.

Annabelle and Phoebe both worked well to avoid the ball making it inside Surrey’s 50, leaving the term scoreless for both teams.

After the long break, Shannon went in hard with the tackle assisting a mark to Chloe who all in all, was having an amazing game,  as was Bella who remained solid across the field.

Lily Y secured an impressive mark, passing to Lily M who was able to make the point, ending the scoring drought.

Surrey picked up  their game considerably, with back to back solid marks and some good scoring attempts.  Fortunately for Richmond they were only to clear one point, as Bella saw to it there was no way they were going to get that elusive goal.

Richmond quickly had the ball back in their favour, as Lily M saw to obtaining the next major score.  Despite Surrey’s efforts to get control of the ball, Charlotte and Bella took immediate possession to  put it through for another point, before another changeover back to Richmond, saw a further goal to Charlotte!

Phoebe and Holly were unstoppable in defence, working well together to force the changeover.  As Alice took possession, an award winning fake saw a pass to Lily M who managed another point just before the end of the term. Richmond – 25, Surrey – 1.

Chloe and Bella remained strong competitors, putting up a great fight from the outset and throughout the fourth term.  Grace and Kirrily were sure to make their presence felt, both proving strong tacklers, backing up their possessions with big kicks.

The Lily’s continued up the great team work to advance Richmond a further point.

Bess showed her tough side, stepping straight in front of a big Surrey kick, as Kirrily pulled off their attempt at possession with ease.

The play drifted across the field as the clouds rolled in, before Lily Y sealed the deal for Richmond with another huge goal!

Congratulations girls on a nice end to the season 32 to 1.

Coaches award to Chloe and Charlotte – well done girls.

A rousing rendition of the theme song for the team who won 7 games this season, remaining unbeaten against all other u14 teams.  We look forward to what season 2018 brings.  Well done ladies!


Sunday 23 July v Brunswick

If our last game was bitterly cold, this one can only be described in one word…. wet!  Driving rain and cold conditions dominated most of the game, with the sun only shining long after the last siren sounded.

With almost a full complement of players to take the field for the first time since the break, it was a great chance for the girls to enjoy playing as a team once again.

The opponent was to be the new to the game Brunswick team, who are in a position not unlike ours, this time last year, suffering many defeats by substantial amounts.

The girls ran out from the rooms to an absolute down pour/ hail, which managed to persist throughout the first two quarters.  Vision was limited, and the slippery conditions made it hard to get a grip on the ball, which was soon changed to a synthetic game ball to help ease sore hands.

Lily M got the girls on the board with with the first goal of the game, which she quickly followed up with another only minutes later.  Enjoying this early domination, Natalia followed suit soon after leaving Brunswick scoreless for the first term.

After the first break, Natalia was quick to follow up her goal with another, before both Carly and Chloe followed suit, giving the girls a runaway advantage. Charlotte was incredible with her tackling and kicking, assisted well by Lily Y through out the second term.

Through the rainy haze it was noted Lily M and Bella were also standouts as the girls were switched through positions by Coach Dave over the field, giving them all new opportunities to prove their skills.  It was a great game to watch as they took the chance to dominate the game and enjoy a position new to them – taking all scoring opportunities while their opponents remained scoreless. It was a scene of excitement as Kirrily nearly achieved a goal late in the term, alas it wasn’t to be but it surely spurned her desire to get that elusive first scoring shot.

The long break saw a chance for the girls to warm up in the rooms slightly, before taking the field to continue their goal haul.  Chloe wasted no time getting on the board with a major score, which was quickly followed by Alice.

Hoping to repeat that, Chloe again got another goal on the board, while Carly followed suit.  As the rain started to fall once again, Annabelle took the chance to get a six point through and it became clear this was going to be our first chance to enjoy what has previously not been our domain!

Vik was sorely missed last week, and her presence on the field demonstrated exactly why as she effectively assisted many scoring shots and top defending.  Aisha was perfect in the forward line – how far she has come in her first season of footy!

The height advantage of the Richmond team was never more obvious than in the final term, as Alice and Holly completely stepped over their opponents to snatch the ball and accrue successful goal attempts.  Not willing to stop there, Alice backed it up with her third goal which would ultimately ensure she won a Coaches award for her efforts.

After many well fought efforts, Kirrily was able to knock over the 101st point for the team with her first scoring shot in two seasons. Well done Kirrily!

An epic game with an epic result to match – 105/0.

The other award of the day going to Bella for her fantastic work across the ground.



U14G Match Report Sunday 16 July  v Glen Iris

It was a bitterly cold day with a biting icy wind when Richmond U14 headed down to Glen Iris to face the Gladiators who were sitting second on the ladder. We were down a few players due to school holidays and appreciated Keira and Alex from Richmond U13 who joined us.

The first quarter saw solid action in our goal square. Bella made strong efforts and Annabelle powered with her tackles. There was good kicking from our midfield and a great tackle from Kiera in the forward pocket led to our first behind which was shortly followed up by our first goal from Lily Y. The last 10 minutes were spent in Glen Iris’ half but with Charlotte, Grace and Alice persistent in the middle and our strong defence they had trouble converting. Great running from Chloe and lots of handballing all around topped off a fine quarter of play from our girls.

We started the second quarter expecting the advantage of a strong wind but Glen Iris won the tap at the start of the second quarter and took off like a bullet straight to the goal square. Phoebe saved us by taking possession of the ball and kicking it into our half back. We saw plenty of clearing kicks from the centre by Lily Y and Bess. Grace’s tackling was excellent with a notable one on one battle. Annabelle tackled, won possession and drove a huge kick to the midfield. We got the ball into our half for the last 10 minutes of the quarter but failed to convert until late into the quarter, with Lily M’s ‘controversial’ goal one second before the siren a fine display of her strong kicking ability.

Third quarter and our backline started off strong. Charlotte pushed the ball out and engaged in strong tackling. Chloe showed great defence work and shepherding. She bombed it out of the backline to Alex in the middle. The wind was in Glen Iris’ favour and the ball was in the backline for most of the quarter. It was a credit to the excellent team work in defence that Glen Iris’ score was not higher. Holly’s mark to stop a goal was an example of the hard work and effort that Richmond displayed all quarter long.

Glen Iris were leading and playing well, with good marking and passages of play. Coach Dave changed tactics for the last quarter – flooding the back half and asking all players to move the ball quickly, handballing and pushing forward without stopping. Our girls were cold and tired, 29 points behind late in the day with long shadows spreading across the oval. Fingers were cold and it must have hurt to catch the footy. But we never dropped our heads nor lessened our efforts. We came out strong and played to plan with forceful tackles and fast play forward. An early goal buoyed us. Nathalia shone in defence. Grace wouldn’t be beaten in any contest. Annabelle tackled two players in a row. Kiera kicked the final goal. It wasn’t enough to win the match, but with a tough contest in tough conditions our girls showed true character.

Final score: Glen Iris 8.10 (58) Richmond 4.3 (27)
Coaches awards: Annabelle, Phoebe, Charlotte


2 July 2017

Richmond v Heidelberg

A seriously undermanned Richmond team took the field today, against a very well supplied Heidelberg. With five on the bench to our none, our girls were expecting a tough four quarters of football.

To our advantage, we were kicking with the wind for the opening term.

Early play was focused around Heidelberg’s inside 50, but they only managed two minor scores.  Holly successfully dominated defence and allowed a great passage of play to extend to Phoebe and Lily Y who impressively marked the ball before kicking the first goal of the game!

Holly kept up the good work with another great mark, while Lily Y and Alice showed they were important in all aspects of the play.  Aisha was of note being tough on the ball and consistently fighting for possession, while Bess was dominant and focused.

Quarter 2 saw the usual excellence from Annabelle, as she shot across the field, throwing her body before the ball.  Bella was of note with her passing, while Vik slipped through the hands of her opponents who tried unsuccessfully to tie her down.

Unfortunately the ball again favoured Heidelberg’s inside 50, but Niamh was determined to make the most of our opportunity to score with an exceptional mark and terrific goal!

We again enjoyed a quick scoring opportunity with a quick point to Chloe. She made the most of the ball being down our end by backing it up with a well celebrated goal!

Vik and Lily seamlessly transferred the ball numerous times during this term, while Kirrily pushed forward with her stoppages and took the record for the longest tackle – she refused to give up the possession!

Half time score 19 Richmond, 13 Heidelberg.

A great play from Aisha to Kirrily opened the third term, allowing Richmond to continue their winning efforts.  Heidelberg were not making the most of their early opportunities only achieving points, before a quick goal took them to one point ahead.

Alice and Holly pushed harder in defence, forcing the next two Heidelberg scoring shots to mere points.

Annabelle and Lily maintained their dominance as strong all round competitors, while Niamh sought out every opportunity to try for goal.

A nice play by Aisha to Bella who landed a perfect mark unfortunately couldn’t convert to a goal, as the perils of no bench to rest tired legs started to show. Another great mark by Phoebe was of note, as was the play on to Bella who landed a perfect goal to the eyes of supporters behind the play on that side of the ground. A poor call by the Heidelberg boundary umpire that the ball was touched prevailed and no score awarded.

As the fourth quarter commenced, it was a tight game with only one point the difference. The wind dropped and we were down a player with Chloe injured in the third term.

The pressure started to show on both teams, with Heidelberg missing a clear shot at goal only ten meters out.

Vik remained brutal with her tackling, matched by on point kicking, as Kirrily continued to shine keeping her competitors at bay.

Carly ran rings around her opponents as Natalia did her best stop the ball changeovers.

Despite best efforts from the girls, a goal could not be prevented giving Heidelberg the advantage on the board with a further quick score just on the siren.

Coaches award to Kirrily, Lily and Vik.

25 June 2017

Richmond Rance v Richmond Black

The two Richmond u 14 teams met for the first time this season in frosty conditions at their spiritual home of Citizens Park.  Both teams faced the problem of being undermanned but neither were willing to let that get in the way of a tough fought competition.

After a glorious entry through a shared banner to celebrate women’s footy, the game got off to a quick start with an early goal to Bella within the first minute!  Annabelle’s incredible form was evident, proving her versatility all over the ground.

Grace was high impact from the get go, with accurate kicking and fast transfers – an integral player in a great passage of play feeding the ball to Bella for another goal!

Lily M. with pony tail flying, was a kicking machine with on point accuracy over great distances.

Showing no fear of the ball, Annabelle smothered Black’s first scoring attempt as the sound of the siren rang across from the MCG with the commencement of the Richmond v Carlton match.  Grace followed suit, while Annabelle was a magnet for the ball in front of Black’s goal. Vik showed her dominance in defence, with some on point marking, preventing a further score marvellously.

Tackling dominance was left to Alice and Kirrily, throwing players left and right.

Rance were all over the game in this term ending the term 12-1.

The second term opened to a show no fear approach from Chloe and Kirrily, who effectively worked with Alice, Lily M and Bess for some quick clean plays.

A sprinkle of sun saw Holly and Niamh work well together to keep the ball outside of Black’s inside 50, while Kirrily and Charlotte kept up the hard work to get the ball back to our goal square.

A superb mark by Alice whose clear height advantage saw her assist many plays in the game, allowed Annabelle and Lily M to get a further major score.

18 -1.

A rev up by Coach Dave in the rooms that the girls were ‘Trying their guts out’ and playing like they deserved it, was well received by red faces – clear proof the whole team was working super hard.

The third term opened with two quick marks by Bella who tried hard to stop a score to Black but it wasn’t to be, getting their first major on the board.

Charlotte performed a ‘Dusty Don’t Argue’ allowing Chloe to clear a spectacular goal to the raptures of the crowd!

Grace truly threw her whole body into the play as she went flying towards the ball, allowing Lily Y the perfect mark.

A well orchestrated play by Annabelle and Lily M led to a further super goal to Chloe who seemed surprised by her achievements – well deserved Chloe!

Annabelle again proved to be invaluable all over the ground, while Charlotte further shone with her marking and stoppages.

Carly refused to be dominated by a tough tackle from Black inside 50, allowing some great goal attempts by Lily M.

A perfect play sequence led by a perfect mark from Vik, went to Bella, Charlotte and Chloe in what was deemed the play of the day.

As the sunset on commission flats, it also set on the term 30/8.

Lily Y and Chloe were determined to see the win, working well together in the fourth term to assist an early goal to Bess.  Holly stopped some early Black goal attempts effectively as the lights came on to counter the fading day.

The coaches screamed for focus as some lost opportunities resulted in Black scoring shots.  Vik, Bess and Chloe listened, allowing Lily M a further point.  Bess owned her opponent staying on the ball. Her tough fight was well worth it, allowing a further goal to Lily M!

Proving she was the queen of stoppages this game, Holly staved off a further score, as the ball floated around inside Black’s 50 for several minutes with no score.

Tired legs were evident for some as the term came to a close, with Kirrily having a final impressive mark for the game.  Lily M refused to slow tossing her opponents side to side and Lily Y darted the ball across the field to grab the final scoring shot of the game.

An incredibly well played game sealing victory 45/19.

Congratulations to Grace and Holly for the coaches awards.


2 June v St Marys 

We’ve tasted victory and developed a hunger for it, devouring St Marys for another Tigers win.

It was a tough contest but from the first bounce we showed real drive at the ball. It was clear to see the fitness work at training paying off with more run from Richmond after an exhausting third quarter packed with intense play from both sides.

Richmond dominated the match relentlessly keeping the ball almost exclusively in our forward half. When the ball did make it to the back half our defenders cut down every attack, applying such pressure that St Mary’s rarely scored.

It was a match with equal effort displayed from everyone on the team. So here’s a list:

  • Kirrily was bigger than the Great Wall of China and repeatedly stopped scoring opportunities with big efforts. In one memorable moment she wouldn’t let go of the ball despite being tacked by 3 St Mary’s players. She really set the tone in defence.
  • Carly’s crunching tackles spoiled St Mary’s runs forward, giving her the opportunities to boot the ball to safety.
  • Marie’s clearances (later in the game) in the centre set up our moves forward. (Marie’s kicking was so powerful she even sent her boot flying one stage)
  • Annabelle kept breaking through packs, dishing out great handballs from tight situations.
  • Lily M. stopped St Mary’s flow with huge kicks to our forward line.
  • Charlotte took good overhead marks and kept presenting all afternoon.
  • Lily (Youngie) ran herself into the ground in the midfield most of the day.
  • Daisy displayed fantastic attack on the ball.
  • Bess’ was busy getting plenty of possessions and laying strong tackles.
  • Phoebe took a great mark and only just missed scoring a goal.
  • Great tackles from Grace allowed her team mates to pounce on the loose balls.
  • Bella brought her opponents hard to the ground and kicked a great goal.
  • Vik’s set up’s were superb, and was part of a fairly impenetrable back line.
  • We even shifted some of the backline forward in the last quarter to avoid the cold from lack of action, and Holly and Grace enjoyed some freedom on the half forward line..
  • Aisha’s beautiful overhead mark and selfless handball created the opportunity for to Marie to kick a goal.
  • Alice continually got first hands on the ball in the ruck which gave our midfield first use all day.
  • In a nail-biting passage of play by St Marys Shannon saved a goal in defence and kicked it well out of danger.
  • Kirsty had a great first game back and had good touch of the ball and ran circles around the opposition.
  • Natalia played a great game, and had plenty of touches.
  • Niamh was part of the strong defence that worked so well together. She took plenty of great grabs and cleared the ball from the defensive fifty.

Thanks to Niamh, Grace, Carly and Alice for helping out with numbers on St Marys team. Great to see them displaying such fine sportsmanship.

Coaches awards to Bess, Lily M, Lily Y and Charlotte.

Final Score Richmond 37 d St Marys 9


28 May 2017 vs Templestowe

After almost a year and half being soundly beaten, our breakthrough win the previous week seemed like a fairy tale. If that was a fairy tale, the thought of going back-to-back was pure fantasy.

Then again, we knew the form line of our opponents, Templestowe, gave us a good chance of being competitive and possibly more.

Once again, Dave asked for commitment to each other and, from the word go, he got it. Alice was winning the tap outs, and Lily Martin and Annabelle were hard at it in the clearances. The most amazing thing about the past two weeks is that we’re actually playing some nice passages of real football. We’ve always been a good tackling side, capable of winning the ball but now the girls are showing they’ve picked up some habits; good habits. Suddenly, girls are running to provide options. A player, flat footed having taken a mark for example, now has a teammate running past as an outlet option. Accepting the ball, they run with it and move the ball down the field.

Lily M and Annabelle now form a wall when the ball enters our forward line, making sure that if the other team clear the ball its coming straight back in.

Coach Dave had always said they’d need 20 games to begin to understand where to run and he was spot on. The girls’ running patterns have improved enormously.

Vik at Full Back and Carly at Centre Half Back have proved almost unpassable the past couple of weeks and against Templetowe it was no different. Vik’s Rance-like presence in the last line of defence was superb and Carly; well, what can you say. She’s a machine! Kirrily and Niamh provided class around the contests at the defensive end of the ground. There are others who, with around 20 games experience, have really stepped up.

One of the great things about the form of our defence, was it allowed us to play Charlotte at Centre Half Forward which meant some serious marking power forward of the play.

Further forward we celebrated the AFL Indigenous round in the best way possible with Marie and our captain for the day, Shannon kicking two goals each. Marie’s pace and Shannon’s agility – she has the best side step in the business – have given the team the sort of scoring power we’d previously lacked. With the key defensive positions in very capable hands, the midfield really tightened the screws. Chloe and Bess oozed class and the scoreboard kept ticking over.

As the game wore on, everyone was on board. Daisy took a nice mark, Phoebe marked and tackled and Aisha put her head over the ball and copped a heavy knock as a result.

When the final siren blew, it was all smiles. Back-to-back wins and the prospect of the three-peat this coming Sunday with St Mary’s 2 at KB Reserve. Come on girls – we can do this!

Oh, and lastly, it’s worth a look at the ladder. A continuation of our current form means finals are very much in the mix! Football is a funny game.

Final Score Richmond 37 d Templestowe 15

Coaches awards to Carly & Chloe.


21 May 2017 V Surrey Park

Our first match as part of the new u14/15 Development League had the coaching staff, team and supporters full of excitement as to the possibility of more evenly placed games.

It was a beautiful sunny morning.  Coach Dave gave the girls a great rev up, reminding them of the importance of playing for the team and giving their all through the whole match. It was set to be a tough one with many absences and only two on the bench.

The girls new found enthusiasm and respect for the game was obvious from the first bounce. They gave their all from the outset with Richmond dominating play and the fabulous Lily Martin scoring our first goal of the game in under two minutes!

They were all running hard and fighting for the ball, keeping up great pressure. Of note Alice and Phoebe providing notable tackles and great marks.  Playing like a team possessed, Daisy shone with a quick getaway and further point.

Incredible work from this year’s new recruits Grace and Aisha kept the ball inside 50 for much of the quarter.

Both Lily’s were everywhere all the time with Lily M assisting a further point to Shannon, while Annabelle and Gabby moved the ball well and took some fantastic marks.  It was hard to believe this was the same team that took the field last week.

Kirrily and Bess continued the great tackling work as Niamh joined the field and instantly took command of play.

Good pressure acts from Lily M, Alice, Aisha and Shannon took us to quarter time and a score of 8 / 0.

Quarter 2

Rarely did the ball leave our inside 50 in this term, but when it did Viktoria ensured she was on it, often reducing Surrey’s scoring efforts to just a point.

Bess and Shannon put up one of the plays of the day resulting in our second goal!

Chloe joined the game late, but also proved an incredible competitor, instantly guiding play with Annabelle to the Richmond goal kicked by Alice.  Great work girls!

Grace and Annabelle kept Surrey under pressure with incredible tackling, while Carly stood out throwing herself into the play… and any Surrey player to the ground if they got in her way!

Gabby, Viktoria and Kirrily decimated a goal and remained instrumental in defence, preventing a further score to Surrey. End of the term 20 / 7.

The coaches half time break down recognised the great work of Shannon who dominated play.  He also acknowledged the efforts of Carly, Kirrily and Grace in their tackling.

Quarter 3

Phoebe and Aisha opened the second half with more great tackling, which fortunately persisted throughout the remainder of the game. Annabelle kept up her tremendous work across the centre, assisting a fantastic play to Chloe which allowed another early goal for Phoebe!

This was quickly followed by another well orchestrated play from Annabel to Carly and Aisha, who had her first goal assist to Shannon – well done Aisha and Shannon!

Chloe and Alice kept up the tackling and accurate marks, allowing another point to Shannon.

Chloe, Aisha and Daisy put together an incredible play that showed the girls really had control of this game.

They kept Surrey scoreless for the quarter 33/8.

Quarter 4

The excitement of the possibility of the win was palpable.

Coach Dave encouraged the girls to focus on the game, not the score board. He acknowledged legs were getting tired but with a win in site, to keep up the great work.

Both Lily’s kept up their solid performance, constantly staying on the ball. Kirrily fought hard for the ball, but the toll of the game was evident and Surrey got a major on the board early in the term.

Seemingly with a second wind, they quickly got another two goals in, making the Richmond supporters anxious that they might succumb to a come from behind repeat of the seniors match against GWS the night before.

Being this close to victory, they responded to the cheers from the sidelines, with Chloe, both Lily’s, Annabelle and Aisha determined to ensure the victory.

Sensationally they closed the game with a win 33 to 21.


Congratulations to Gabby and Annabelle who won the awards for the day, and many thanks to Louise for stepping into Jane’s shoes as team manager.

It was tough to pick two players from the team for the awards of the day given everyone gave their all and more.

Never has the song been sung with more enthusiasm!!


Richmond Girls Under 14’s Vs St Mary’s 1 – 14th May 2017

Mothers Day Fundraising Special – all Richmond girls wore pink football socks in celebration of women in footy and we took the opportunity to raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundation, with U14’s raising almost $50.

This game was always going to be a challenge for Richmond even before the bounce, with most of St Mary’s girls having played for a long time and together. In fact, two St Mary’s girls ran through a banner congratulating them on their 50th game appearance.

1st Quarter Summary
There was no doubt that St Mary’s came to play. From the opening bounce, there was plenty of pressure not just on the midfield but also on the backline.
Holly laid a great tackle and followed up shortly with a very good mark and kick. Supported well by Lily M who also marked strongly. Lily M looked at one stage to have the ball on string with a number of possessions in a short period of time.
Annabelle showed her zip from the centre, to kick the ball and push forward and Niamh competed very well to follow up at the stoppages.
Gabby’s effort trying to push the forward after a tackle was great. However, the ball struggled to get past half forward, with St Mary’s rebounding and moving the ball from their half back and wings, swiftly.
Charlotte worked hard all Quarter to try to win the ball from stoppages. And in one particular piece of passage, Kirrily chipped in with a kick to Bella and eventually force another ball up.

1st Qtr break – The coach’s message was simple at quarter time – “Focus on the right side of the body to avoid easy clearances” and secondly “get first use of the ball”.

2nd Quarter Summary
Phoebe showed her presence with a great come from behind tackle and held her defensive line well. Marie showed great pressure on the wing to knock the ball forward, however St Mary’s were too strong to make their way through traffic. Lily M was solid down back to hold the last line of defence.
Bella ran hard and tried valiantly in the midfield, and teamed up well with Charlotte to push the ball forward from a stoppage. Richmond’s intensity was stronger in this quarter. However there were many stoppages, indicating that the Richmond girls were on the tails of their opponents. Alice was wonderful in the ruck, winning many tap outs. Chloe found herself in the middle also and had a good passage of play to push the ball out of the midfield. She later marked the ball strongly in defence, kicked & followed up her own ball very well, to push the ball forward. Grace and Lily Y teamed up well to try and win many clearances from the middle, and continued their hard work at stoppages and run around the ground.

Half Time

3rd Quarter Summary
Tackling was a focus for Richmond, with St Mary’s dominating the game. The pressure on Richmond’s backline was immense, however Alice, Lily M and Vik showed they were no easy beats, tackling and competing at every opportunity. Bella also joined in the tackle count too and continued to work hard around the ground and was often found on the bottom of a pack, showing her determination to get first use of the ball. Charlotte showed great skill to kick the ball from the defensive goal line to Lily M who marked strongly. However St Mary’s pressure to push the ball forward was relentless. Vik laid successive run from behind tackles and played with close checking on her opponents. Annabelle and Kirrily also showed their tackling pressure and great effort to win the ball. Grace also showed her run and attack with the ball from defence. This was a game played in the back half of Richmond’s goals.

3rd Qtr  break – the coach’s message was that he wanted all girls to focus 100% on the game. Niamh had great attack on the ball and Vik tried really hard down back with a couple of battle scars. However the coach really wanted all girls to reset and focus on the game.

4th Quarter Summary
One of the best passages of play from back pocket to mid wing saw Charlotte kick to Lily Y who marked strongly and then kicked to Bella who also marked strongly. Lily Y tried valiantly all game to make space from kick ins and provide different options. Annabelle was in the thick of it again showing courage to burst through a pack and follow up her own ball. Carly listened attentively to the coach’s messages earlier, and stayed true to her opposition’s right side from clearances and as a result laid a crunching tackle and earned praise from the sidelines. Vik showed her effort with a smother and a kick to clear the ball from defence, and was ably supported by Nathalia who also had a smother and cleared the ball. Nathalia was determined down back and followed up with a second clearance with in seconds. Bella worked tirelessly all game and continued to show her attack and focus on the ball. Alice continued her great work in the ruck again winning many tap outs. Vik was able to win a free kick with a run from behind tackle. Nathalia and Gabby teamed up with a stoppage play that saw Nathalia kick to Gabby.

However, St Mary’s was too strong today. Their pressure on the ball, their run and carry from defence and speed from stoppages was a highlight. A team that have played many more games together and are drilled to execute with good skill. However this standard only comes when many of the girls have payed a lot of football together. Whilst the scoreboard was overwhelmingly in favour of St Mary’s, the Richmond girls can be proud to know they played one of the better teams in the competition and the standard required. With continued focus and commitment, I’m sure in time the Richmond girls will be able to match it with teams like St Mary’s.

Coaches awards to Niamh and Nathalia. Great effort!


7 May 2017 V St Mary’s 3pm Greensborough

Quarter – 1

In what was to be the best chance of a scoring game for the season based on St Mary’s previous performances being akin to ours, the lead up to the game was an exciting one.

St Mary’s were down players, so Richmond kindly lent a few of our girls to support their team in each quarter.

Early movement to inside 50 for Richmond was a positive sign, with Marie and Shannon proving strong competitors with great marks and long kicks.  This early domination of the ball allowed for a series of early minor scores met with wild applause from the crowd!

Excellent ball skills in active play were on display with plenty of quality passes and strong defence.

The greatest thrill of the season coming when Bella kicked our first goal for the year – Well done Bella!

This was quickly followed by another from Shannon as dreams of a possible win started to fill everyone’s heads.  What an incredible first term!

At the end of the quarter it was wonderful to see 2/2/14 to Richmond, 0 to St Mary’s.

Quarter – 2

Bella started the term with a great possession and strong kick.  Shannon showed them all how to shepherd, landing what would have been an incredible goal if not for a call against her that rendered the score uncountable.  Gabby’s next chance also came close to a major if not for a late touch by St Mary’s.

Gabby and Alice followed by Phoebe and Bella worked well together passing the ball out of ST Mary’s inside 50, before a great kick by Bella demonstrating the skill improvement from training.

Viktoria got involved in a great tackle before a strong kick out by Kirrily on the back of a high tackle call unfortunately didn’t continue in our favour.  The inaccurate kick intercepted resulting in a goal for St Mary’s getting them on the board.

Richmond quickly responded with a strong kick by Marie to Phoebe and back to Marie for another big goal!  Marie clearly making her presence felt at both ends of the field.

The term was rounded out by a strong effort from Chloe, Annabelle and Charlotte dominating play, with Annabelle making an important tackle ensuring a changeover and strong accurate kicking.

Richmond 3/3/21

St Mary’s 2/3/15

Quarter – 3

Bella came into the quarter going in for tough tackles followed up by more strong kicking. It was great to see the more well directed efforts to not kick into the hands of the opposition by all members of the team!

Bess in defence tried hard to stop a further St Mary’s goal, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Marie showed no signs of slowing, putting up a tough fight and keeping up her position as a great mover with the ball, while Lily M and Lily Y worked well in unison making the passage of play flow in our favour.

Sadly four quick points to ST Mary’s put them in the front for the first time in the game, and it became clear a tough fight was ahead.

The birthday girl Aisha was awesome in defence, getting the ball out to Phoebe and Daisy who made a strong attempt at goal only to have the ball swarmed by a pack of St Mary’s players right in front of goal.

We remained scoreless for the term 3/3/21 to ST Mary’s 3/7/25

Quarter – 4

Richmond showed signs of being prepared to fight for their first win, putting up a tough fight to try for goal. Aisha and Niamh made a great attempt to get the ball to Shannon, only to have her tackled and lose possession. Charlotte and Bella responded with some great tackles of their own, while Holly superbly put a stop to a goal attempt.

Kirrily got in a long kick after a successful tackle, allowing Chloe to make her mark in the centre resulting in a further Richmond point!

Grace, Charlotte and Carly put up an incredible unbroken chain of play which was so poetically brilliant, it seemed a goal had to follow! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

St Mary’s came in very hard and were assisted by Gabby playing for their team to a major score. Note to Dave – no sharing of Gabby in the future!

Shannon continued to be tough in the contest, assisted by Aisha who was strong wither her tackling.  Annabelle is to be commended for her work in constantly getting the ball out of highly contested plays.

Great work by Lily Y and Grace couldn’t stop St Mary’s forging ahead with another goal. It became clear the win couldn’t happen.

Nonetheless, Marie and Carly kept up the fight, while Lily Y, Shannon and Bella worked to gain another point.

Richmond 3/5/ 23

St Mary’s – 5/10/40.

Award winners were Grace, Marie and Shannon.


Lily Y




Clearly disappointed for not getting it over the line, they were still able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with great gusto to the lovely Aisha.

We look forward to that one day being the Tigers theme song!

Thanks to the Aly family for their help with the report.

Sunday 30 April 2017 – Richmond v Kew Comets

Richmond U14’s second match of 2017 involved the same positive attitude and teamwork that was on display last week. Our skills and performance showed improvement in physical play and focus on getting hands to the ball.

We started strong, with an even contest keeping both sides scoreless for first 10 minutes. Lily M cleaned up on the half back, marked high and tackled hard, backed up by Bess and Annabelle. Bella ducked and weaved leaving Kew’s forward line lunging at air.

Captain Charlotte stuck at it in the second quarter, moving the ball to the middle of the ground many times, but Kew pushed it back to their forward line. Chloe fought in a crowded centre, with more Kew girls around her than any one player could match. Annabelle fearlessly drove through the centre while Alice was tireless in the ruck. Grace’s tackles and persistent holds limited Kew’s disposal options.

The girls were fired up after an inspiring half-time message from coach Dave instructing them to compete more in the air and take the tackler on rather than disposing of the ball. Fierce pressure in our back line from Alice forced a number of Kew errors. Aisha and Lily M worked hard, rattling the Comets with some bone-jarring tackles. The crowd loved Niamh’s pentuple defensive effort on the wing and Kirilly inspired the team with a sensational third term. Charlotte stepped up in the heat of the moment and contested with her heart on her sleeve.

Being tired and scoreless in the final term didn’t dampen our spirit. Carly’s tackles refused to quit. Holly’s back line marks and powerful kick-ins kept the Kew scoring opportunities in check. Vik’s tackles stuck and were effective at repelling repeated attacks. Marie kept presenting as an option, Natalia’s determined tackle won a free kick and Shannon moved the ball to the middle at each opportunity.

After the final siren the team ran to the change rooms and found enough puff to blow up balloons for Dave’s surprise birthday celebration.

Congratulations to Vik – winner of Best on Ground.
And commendations to our chocolate frog winners – Grace, Aisha, Bella, birthday girl Annabelle, Alice, Bess and Lily Y.

Score: Kew 95, Richmond 0.

Richmond u14’s v Banyule

A stunning Sunday afternoon awaited the return of the footy season for the RJFC in the YJFL. A top of 23o ensured the ease in to the winter sport was an easy one.

On the back of a massive loss in the practice round to this same team only a few weeks prior, the girls were determined to not let that dampen enthusiasm.

After a great rev up by Coach David before the game and a minutes silence to honour the ANZAC’s, the girls were ready to give it a red hot go.

An early kick out in Richmond’s favour set expectations of an early scoring opportunity. Sadly a quick changeover meant we didn’t get inside 50 with the ball quickly making it down Banyule’s end. Bella did a great job to thwart their goal opportunities before a snap goal got them on the board.

Keeping up the great work, new recruit Bella went in hard for the ball allowing a great kick out by Kirrily. It was great to see other new players Shannon, Kirsty and AIsha making a firm impact so early on, throwing their bodies into the game with exceptional tackles and possessions.

Niamh showed she had been practicing hard on the off season putting up a tough fight for the ball, assisting with play to Marie and Bella who got in a great mark.

Annabelle and Charlotte worked well to get the ball inside 50 for Richmond once in the term, assisted by Chloe who kept up her tough tackling often seen through last season.

As the weather heated up, the girls worked hard to get on the board with Lily M putting in a tough fight for the ball after Shannon ran it down well.  The siren sadly stopping a score. Banyule 14, Richmond 0.

In the second quarter we again got away early with the ball but were unable to translate to a scoring opportunity with Banyule snapping a quick goal.

Viktoria’s dominance on the oval was obvious as she assisted Shannon to take advantage of Banyule’s confusion over where their goal was!  Natalia and Carly showed they weren’t afraid to get in and tackle, as did Niamh and Grace who easily stopped a goal attempt. A great play by Annabelle and Niamh allowed Alice to power out with the ball… unfortunately only to be stopped by a strong Banyule defence.

Viktoria again dominated play, assisted by Carly and Grace, while Chloe and Annabelle moved the ball well with co-ordinated plays.

Highlights of the term included Bella’s mark and Kirsty’s tackle… while Niamh got two marks in quick succession towards the end.  The ‘Three C’s’ – Chloe, Charlotte and Carly were all ones to watch as the term wrapped up Banyule 20, Richmond 0.

After the long break the girls showed fighting spirit with both Lily’s moving the ball quickly and going in hard for possessions.  A great kick out by Gabby saw anticipation of a goal opportunity for Richmond increase, but a quick changeover meant it wasn’t to be.  Luckily Viktoria and Aisha were able to stop a further scoring opportunity for Banyule and get the ball out of scoring contention.

Richmond’s intensity meant several major scoring attempts by Banyule were halted before play was halted by a ‘golden’ pitch invader.  Shannon and Grace put in some great marks while Charlotte got in some strong tackles and the quarter ended 36 / 0.

The final term allowed Bella to get off to a great start and we saw an awesome kick by Lily M.  A great play by Holly to Bella and Annabelle showed again the girl can well co-ordinate their plays.  Annabelle and Alice were both constant in fighting for possessions throughout the term.

A best chance yet at a scoring shot thrilled the Richmond supporters as Marie did her best to try and get us on the board.  Again Banyule proved too strong.

Marie, Phoebe and Chloe were of note throughout the later part of the term, while Kirrily put up a great fight for the ball as the only one in Banyule’s goal square, but couldn’t stop their final goal.

Scores Banyule 43, Richmond 0.

A loss yes, but a domination… no. It was great to see the girls do so well against a team who had confidently won only a few weeks prior by over 20 goals.

Here’s to a great season ladies!