U/15 Girls

Coach Phil Ballis

Assistant Coach Ollie Combach

Team Manager Jo-Anne Gleeson/ Jan Buchanan


Second Round of finals v Ivanhoe 20.8.17

This week we entered Victoria Park on this clear winters day from the front entrance via the elaborate stone gateway. Taking out place on the bigger oval with the YJFL covering the official side of business. This rendered a few of our usual jobs void & a well deserved rest for those usually waving flags & blowing whistles for our team.

Our field umpires Sam & Nick spoke to us before the game to check on earrings covered & the correct footy boots worn. Plus to wish us luck.

Phil’s pre-game address covered some facts: we’re a hard working side & we can trust our team mates to not let us down.

Our 1st quarter wasn’t our best footy, the opposition stormed out. We stayed in the game though & Molly scored a terrific goal.

Our 2nd quarter saw some players in tight clusters. Milla & Dash were displaying great team work. Tash was passing to Carmen well. Cass managed a great tackle against the formidable number 25. Siena had a great mark.

At half time Phil told it like it was. Natasha was having a good game. Siena was kicking well. Dash was playing well. Libby was making good contests every time. Yet we were being reactive & if we were to go down, we should go down swinging. The aim was to attack the ball.

So an inspired Richmond Black came back to play the 2nd half.


Dash marked the ball, passed it to Carmen who got a goal. The fire brigade came to support the team after saving some ducklings crossing the road. Charlotte got the ball to Lily who passed it to Ava who moved it to Milla. Milla got a penalty mark that turned into a goal. Ave also managed to swiftly move the ball to Milla. Dash & Carmen were tackling well. There was good contest, quick moves & another goal from Milla. Caitlin was marking the ball well. Sophie was a terrific team player. The opposition only managed 1 goal in the 3rd quarter, while we racked up 4.

In the last quarter Phil asked the girls to step up again. Not to drop their heads. To play this last quarter for themselves. Cass was able to break through the oppositions defense & move the ball to Mia & Libby. Milla tackled number 25 well. Ave did the same with their number 11. Laura was running well. Siena was holding tackles. Caitlin, Lily & Charlotte were a good combo. Caitlin stopped a sure goal from them. More marks from Ave. Lucy was right in the game. Milla seemed to have endless energy with more marking. Charlotte was marking solidly & Tash is noted for her unselfish shepherding. Great marks from Caitlin. Mia was stopping the opposition from being able to mark & then getting the ball back down our end. There were no goals in the last half!

No song from us this round. We had a lot of RJFC supporters come to bolster our voices in support. Great to Citizens Park regular Bomber down there amongst it.

Ivanhoe get to go on & play Glen Iris in the Grand Final & we wish them well.

To our team-what a great end of season. No one gets the ball better than us! Fantastic fightback. Great spirit. Well done girls.



First Round of finals v Heidelberg 13.8.17

The boots were clean, nails trimmed, bibs laundered. Must be the start of finals.

We met Heidelberg for the 2nd week in a row at neutral territory in Kew. We won the privilege of wearing our home tops last week as they too are Tigers, but not of Tigerland.

It was windy on arrival & maintained persistently all afternoon. The ground was second rate, hard & sloping at a funny angle. But what a magnificent scoreboard.

Thank you to Lucy Robotham from our U13s team for boosting our numbers to 18 players so we could have a bench.

 Our 1st quarter didn’t start with our usual rhythm. There were some panicked hand balls, yet our back line was terrific & Milla was passing the ball to Mia well.

The opposition was marking well. They were running hard & tackling consistently.

2nd quarter saw a great tackle from Dash. No one could get close to Charlotte, and Milla kicked our 1st goal. Carmen was moving the ball down & Ave’s marking was sound.

Half time talk pointed out we were better than we were playing.


In the 3rd quarter Mia was holding tackles. The RJFC supporters started getting rowdy. We were small in number compared to the oppositions supporters.

We’ve never seen so many supporters!

Carmen got the ball to Molly who secured another goal. Our runner was a calm influence. Milla moved the ball to Ave who got a behind. Good smother from Ava. Laura got the ball to Sophie who hit the post for another point.

Great catering saw more nourishment at 3/4 time.

The last quarter we got away. Abby was on fire. There were some clusters of players at goals defending well. The supporters were passionate. The Richmond Tigers are victorious for another week.

Best version of Yellow & Black yet.



Round 14 v Heidelberg 6.8.17

Wet & windy conditions saw some questionable fashion choices down at KB. All spectators were tucked in, wrapped up & well covered. But dry. The game before ours hosted the wet dump, we got the puddles & mud to contend with.

This game is the last of our 14 weeks of Home & Away games. We sat 4th on the ladder & vied 3rd place Heidelberg. Content that they had to wear the clash tops today. Our pre-game talk was all about the tops we’d be wearing next week. The girls approached the game ready to fight to wear our usual tops.

The first quarter was a good one. Getting used to the sodden ground & slippery conditions. We had borrowed a player per quarter from the opposition as they had 7 more players than us.

We were missing Mia & Ava.

1st quarter we managed a goal & a behind, they did not. The competition was fairly even. At the end of the 3rd quarter the scores were tied. Ave had hurt her hand & the whole team got a rev up by Phil.

The last quarter saw us run away. Ave got a goal despite her hand, Laura followed it with another, Molly got a lovely mark, as did Charlotte, Milla got another goal, Dash was reading the play well, Phil took to stirring everyone up from the side lines & Milla got yet another goal.

The game was won & to celebrate us wearing the beloved yellow & black, a rendition of our song. Well deserved girls.



Round 13 v Surrey Park 30.7.17

There isn’t too much to say about this game. THE GIRLS WERE ON FIRE.

It’s so great to see how these girls have developed as individual players & as a team. We saw more great team play today with brilliant hand passing & running movement of the ball. Our kicking, tackling & marking is going from strength to strength. Each & every one of the girls contributed to the game & it was pleasing to see them back up last week’s brilliant performance with another great game. Although they weren’t challenged terribly much by the opposition, it did give them the opportunity to play hard with confidence.



Round 12 v Ivanhoe 23.7.17

This is the 1st time we faced top team Ivanhoe. It was great to have Phil back to navigate our way through. Many thanks to Mark & Richard who stepped up while Phil was away.

Quite a few Ivanhoe girls have celebrated their 50th games, so we knew they had more experience than us.


Phil gave a pre-game pep talk to get everyone in the right head space.

Our opening quarter had the opposition re-thinking their own game. Good play by Molly & Carmen who got our goals in this early quarter. Our umpire was coaching as he went. Ave was tackling well. Natasha proved to be a consistently good player. Our 1st quarter was inspiring!

The local cockatoos resettled behind the pine trees as the heavy clouds threatened to wash us all.

The ball was lost momentarily in the landscape of Ivanhoe Park behind the goals. Ava was getting to the ball well. Abby stopped a soaring ball becoming an opposition’s goal. Dash was stopping a lot of the oppositions movement.

At the end of our time we didn’t win. But the play was good & Phil is now talking finals.

Looking forward to having the whole team back next game!



Round 11 v St Marys 2 16.7.17

Lovely to see so many players back from holidays down at Rural Richmond at Kevin Bartlett Reserve.

It was our 1st really cold day. It must have been snowing somewhere. That wind was getting cheeky & the supporters added more layers to brace themselves as our players came out strong in their footy shorts & sleeveless tops! It was a footy socks up sort of day.

We were lucky to have another parent helping out as Coach while Phil is away. Many thanks Mark!

The local birds were gliding over the oval as the girls held their ground. Dash was clearing the ball. Carmen had a great start. Milla had a good unopposed run & Molly got us our 1st goal. Ave cleared the ball with handballs out, those new boots were the trick. We had 2 short quarters due to a timing problem, but everyone agreed to a remedy in the 2nd half.

Marks’s half time talk in the change rooms was confirming girls are to talk to one another to get the ball out when picking it up off the ground to keep the play moving.

Lily, Carmen, Ava & Ave were tackling well. Abby had a great clash. Caitlin had a great goal. The support team were huddled against the wind in the players box.

The opposition couldn’t catch up. Congratulations on your win girls.

A quick return to the change rooms for a rendition of Yellow & Black!

U15s with Coach Mark at KB



Tilly Lucas-Rodd

AFLW star Tilly Lucas-Rodd was down at training to present the NAB Club Recognition Award to RJFC.

The Carlton mid-fielder started her football journey at RJFC & we have an award for great skill & determination named after her.

The 21 year old was nominated for the Rising Star award in AFLW & stayed to speak to the girls training.




Round 10 v Templestowe 2.7.17

Our tour of suburban football ovals continues. We found ourselves out at Templestowe. Jack Frost had been dancing around earlier that morning & it was still chilly in the shade. Much relief was that we weren’t on the much bigger oval they had available. No-one else was on it either & the neighbouring house’s leaf blowers became our soundtrack for the day.

We were a thin side with 7 players away. We are hoping the League doesn’t have this weekend as a game day next year as all clubs were struggling for numbers. All borrowing from where ever they could. We ended up with an U12 players from our club to boost our numbers. Thank you Rita!

We also had a borrowed coach while Phil is absent. Thank you to Richard Cahill for running things for the day.

We are grateful to the umpire for calling 15 minute quarters due to the small teams.

Our girls acquainted themselves with a different coaches voice. Ready to go after a warm up in the change rooms. Team’s tactics for the day were to kick long. Dash was great at shepherding when she wasn’t making good contests. Abby’s tackles have maintained to be consistently impressive. Rita managed some quick kicks despite her size. Laura set the wall up well. Ava was marking well. More talk was called for as the opposition wanted this as much as we did.

The shadows lengthened & Coach Cahill promised hot chips for goals. The score was even at half time. Watermelons & mandarins revitalized everyone & once we were ahead, we stayed ahead. Great efforts all round.

Back to the change rooms to sing Yellow & Black and munch freddo frogs to celebrate Milla’s birthday!




Round 9 v Richmond Rance 25.6.17

The much anticipated day had arrived. At our very own home ground, but dressed as visitors, we vied our sister team the U14s, now named Richmond Rance.

There was an early photo with our #girlsfooty banner with both sides. No double sided tape to slow down the excitement of both teams as they crashed through, appearing on the other side as opponents.

#girlsfooty at RJFC

Division of labour saw the Power family with actual sisters on both sides taking up the neutral Switzerland position of interchange steward.

The very vocal Rance team took charge early.

Phil was heard saying we couldn’t buy a goal.

Natasha had a good game. Caitlin was marking well. Abby’s steals were approved of by the Richmond Black supporters. Sophie was playing well. Molly didn’t have a bad game & Lily was holding tackles.

Grumbles towards the umpires decisions started. We needed to run. They had some powerful players & we were missing Cass, Carmen, Emily & Mia.

At the end of the day the solstice shadows had covered the ground while the dog owners were heaving at the gates. There were very even kicks between teams at goal, but ours were behinds & Rance has secured bragging rights for this time.

good game good game good game good game good game

the days are getting lighter apparently




Tribute to Irene Brodiles. 18.6.17

It’s with great sadness that I tell the story of my Mother-In-Law, Irene Brodiles & her connection to the R.J.F.C.

Irene passed away last week after a short battle with cancer.

I first met Irene when I began coaching in Richmond over 30 years ago. Back then we had less than a dozen helpers running 4 teams. Irene not only ran the canteen, but was an unofficial foster carer to many boys & girls of Richmond who needed somewhere to stay back then.

She was a real character around Tiger Town. A little quirky & definitely much loved by Richmond people who would now be raising their own families. I speak to many of this group & I know this is true.

I would like to thank my U15 Girls for wearing black arm bands in tribute to Irene. No, they didn’t know her, but they knew it meant something to me.




Round 8 v Warrandyte 18.6.17

What a beautiful winter’s day for football down at rural Richmond at Kevin Bartlett Reserve. Warrandyte thought they at home, were it not for the consistent hum of the freeway beyond the gums.

They were a younger side than us. We had age, experience & home turf advantage. Off to a good start. Phil loved that everyone would TRY, his favourite word. Good football was being played, nice wall set up, good handballs & instructions being followed.

Our girls flourished & the scoreboard was just keeping up to the mounting tally.

Warrandyte weren’t able to ever get ahead & our girls romped home for a massive win.

Another rousing rendition of Yellow & Black.

Awards to Milla for a great game & Cass for impressive improvement.

Beautiful winters day

Great viewing from tree




Round 7 v Brunswick 4.6.17

The day started out at 8 degrees with fog & resulted in a clear winter day & as the temperature doubled we were wondering if we needed the sunscreen. Off to the very hipster Ransford Oval to vie Brunswick. We had 19 players which meant a bench-2nd time this year, still quite novel to have players having a break. We had Carmen-Lia playing her very 1st game, with her sister Carmen having debuted the week before. Lovely to have you both on our side. We were most pleased to have Mae & Layla join us from the Youth side as their team enjoyed their BYE.

The purple Dragons were a young team, but they were hard working & tackling well. Their number 3 was marking extremely well, clearly size not holding her back. The umpire was encouraging all on the field. The animals noises in the nearby zoo was heard at our few quiet times.

It was clear from the start we were doing well. The ball moved well with great follow through of play by all team members. The scoreboard reflected our ease. The whole team is congratulated for the goals, but I note Laura & Milla for the biggest goal kickers.

Words of encouragement from Phil to Brunswick after our big win. Back to the change room to sing Yellow & Black, then gobble caramello koalas for Mia’s birthday.

Brunswick singled out Milla for Best On Ground, they even had a medal-nice one Milla!

Phil was torn with handling out the awards as he needed one for everyone. This weeks went to Carmen-Lia for a terrific 1st game, Libby for her best game this year, Ava for her best game by far & Laura who ‘lights up’.



Richmond Players visit Citizens Park 30.5.17

Many thanks to Ben Lennon, Jacob Townsend, Kamdyn McIntosh & Shane Edwards from Richmond Football Club for coming down to say Hi to our players & answering all our many questions.



Round 6 Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round

There were 2 games this weekend.

The 1st was a twilight game played for the Youth Girls at Victoria Park in Abbotsford against Fitzroy on the Friday. 26.5.17

The Team composed of Youth, U15s & U14s.

Our Richmond Girls played the much more established Fitzroy Girls on the hallowed ground at Victoria park. 

Everyone was mindful during the Welcome to Country lead by Michelle. There will be a marker at Victoria Park soon to acknowledge the Stolen Generation.

If you get a chance, check out the Sir Doug Nicholls statue in East Melbourne in the Parliament Gardens. He was a Yorta Yorta man & a pioneer campaigner for reconciliation.

The 2nd game was at home ground Citizens park on the usual Sunday, 28.5.17

It was a freezing afternoon. We had a full team plus 1 extra on the bench-first time this season. Thanks to Ave for bringing down 1 of her cousins (Cass) who, along with her sister Carmen, have joined our team. Carmen will be playing her first game on Sunday. Welcome girls.

From the sidelines it didn’t look like Glen Iris were streaks ahead of us as a team, but their skill was really in moving the ball forward better than us, resulting in the ball being down their end…more than ours. Phil gave the girls a rev up during half time. “If you’re looking at your feet & they’re not moving, then you’re doing something wrong”, “you should be moving” was the general gist of things. The girls played better in the 2nd half, but weren’t able to improve the scoreline dramatically.

A highlight of the game would have to be one of Ave’s tackles which left one of the Glen Iris girls somersaulting along the ground




Round 5 v Heidelberg 21.5.17

Back out to Heidelberg’s football fields. Our White Tigers were low on numbers with Mia, Laura, Sophie & Natasha unable to join us. With 2 losses in our memories I think the big oval at Warringal Park & the big player base the opposition had were daunting. Our soundtrack to the day were the cockatoos & the Mr Whippy van that did a lap each quarter. On our side were our 2 newest members, Emily & Siena. Also thanks to the Leagues shuffle of Teams to play that sees us come up against a more competitive & evenly matched opposition.

In the first few minutes Heidelberg had all the play. It was low scoring. At the end of the first quarter they were 8 points to our 1.

We had 4 of their players filling spaces on the field. We got better & better. Our first goal in the second quarter was scored by Siena!

There was no stopping us now we were ahead! Impressive defense work by Abby & birthday girl Emily saw them take away the coaches awards.

The last quarter seemed to be the longest til the siren called an end to see our second win of the season at 15-12. Back to the visitors room for a great rendition of Yellow & Black.



Round 4 v Bulleen/Templestowe 14.5.17

Once we found Bulleen’s back oval 3 we were set with pink socks for the Mother’s Day special Charity Round. Over $570 was raised by RJFC’s 7 Girls Teams for Breast Cancer Research & Ovarian Cancer Research.

This was another game where we were outnumbered with the Bulleen/Templestowe Bullants having 10 more players than us. They had fresh legs regularly, enough to lend us 2 players. Their side of the scoreboard kept going up & we were unsuccessful in getting on the board. Despite all this there was some great play to be seen. Caitlin & Charlotte were smothering the ball regularly & Molly was excellent in the ruck. So proud that our girls kept going.

Awards went to Ave & Molly. Well done girls.



Round 3 v Ashburton 7.5.17

Lovely to be at home ground. We got a taste of winter with that icy wind snapping at us. Lucky we had Mick’s chips to warm us up after.

The strong opposition of Ashburton beat us with extra player numbers & on the board. They had 10 more players than us & some impressive players that saw them stomp away. I want to commend the Ashburton girls who played for us & notably Lily’s cousin Bella who scored a goal for us in the last quarter!

Great excitement for us when Laura & Ava got us on the board.

Our girls need to be congratulated for their ongoing improvement & be proud that no one stopped trying.

Special mention to Dash who never stopped all day & Charlotte who is playing exceedingly well.

Awards went to Caitlin & Natasha for a terrific game.



Round 2 v Surrey park 30.4.17 

Another large ground at Surrey Park amongst the gum trees. The scene was set with having just seen the U12s win before us with their bench of extra players. Our girls had never had the chance to all play together & what a spectacular game it was. Phil discussed a funnel on the oval before the game started, everyone agreed they knew what sort of funnel he meant. Surrey Park were generous & loaned us a player to even up the numbers, but our girls didn’t need any help & had the goal umpires working extra hard to keep up with the extra scoring to triumphantly win our very 1st game. Well done girls. So great to sing Yellow & Black at the end of the game! Awards went to Charlotte & Dash for an amazing display of football.

Phil announced Lily as Captain.

Thanks to our fabulous ground support crew.

Thank you Kate, Monique, Che, Luke Wigley, Jane, Jo-Anne, Richard, Rita, Luke Milner & Luca.

Volunteering is good for your neuroplasticity.



Round 1 v Heidelberg 23.4.17

Round 1

This was our BYE, but an opportunity was available to play for the Youth side who were still building their numbers.

For those who came to play for the Youth Girls side..

Thanks goes to Mae, Mia, Molly, Milla, Caitlin & Ave.

This was the Anzac Day Round & a respectable silence preceded the game.

Anzac Day Round

It was a beautiful day for the 1st round of our season & another trip out to Heidelberg & it’s many fields of football.

I heard it said Warringal Park is the largest oval in the league!

A great day for RJFC with our very 1st Girls Youth team playing.

Emily was Captain for the day.

Devina got us on the scoreboard.

Our girls were fearless on field & by the end of the game a team’s rhythm had been established. Well done girls.



Practice Match v Banyule 26.3.17

Practice Match

A beautiful morning out to leafy Heidelberg.

Many thanks to the girls who came out to play. A mixture of U15 & Youth Girls.

The opposition were older, there were more of them, we were on their home turf & they knew each other well. They scored many more points. They were holding their tackles & at the end of the day they won convincingly.

We were the younger team, some with their very 1st game (yes-very 1st game), we had no-one to relieve our aching legs like they did, yet we absolutely won the last quarter.

Congratulations girls on the 1st game of our season.

Well done Emily, Esther, Mae, Mia, Abby, Ava, Molly, Lily, Laura, Libby, Sophie & Charlotte.

Emily got us on the scoreboard. Hooray!

Thanks to our volunteered Jane & Tom. Extra thanks for stepping up goes to Ralf for umpiring unexpectedly, Abbey & Sophie for great Water Carrier hydration services & Yarra Citizen of the Year Lachlan Mosley for being our Runner.



Our Coach Phil

Phil was born in Richmond & played junior & senior football at our ground.

He started playing for the U15s when he 11, as that was the lowest grade you could play in then. He spent 3-4 years in U15s before going to the U18s & then Senior Football in Richmond District. His favourite position was where he could kick a goal.

He has been at RJFC for 35 years. Has coached a Junior side for at least 25 of those years. He has been away & coached Senior sides, but even when coaching a Senior side, has come back & coached a Junior side. He coached the Men’s Senior side at St Kilda City who share the ground with the St Kilda Sharks.

Phil has 4 daughters & 2 sons, most of whom have played footy too.

Phil enjoys coaching & has fun doing it. He is enjoying coaching the girls as he believes they store information better than the boys do, they are keen to learn & are learning this unusual game quickly. Having RJFC getting onto this girl phenomenon is great & we have a terrific bunch of girls.

Phil couldn’t be pinned down to just one AFL Team. For the Mens he currently backs The Giants as Essendon got beat again. For the WAFL he follows Carlton as he used to coach Tilly Lucas Rodd, but also watches Melbourne.

You’ll see him down at the footy pinching all the yellow snakes at ¾ time.