RJFC Boys Awards


1998 K. Bardon T. Psaltopoulos J. Saafield M. Andrews Award struck in 2001 Award struck in 2004 Award struck in 2014
1999 K. Bardon T. Roach P. Krisohos A Yaman
2000 R. Thakar C. Alley J. Darcy H. Brown
2001 J. Bazant S.Dalton G. Murray H. Brown
2002 O. Kirim J. Tran T.Dunn J. Tamouridis A. Nicholls
M. Roach
2003 R. Carberry M. Pamieta A. Miszlay J. Tamouridis W. Andrews
A Pattinson
2004 S. Ward S. Bennett H. Dean J. Tran A. Pylka
D. O’Dea
W. McLaren
D. Vallianos
2005 B. Yu A. Edwards R.Yaman T. Dunn R. Smeaton
D. Dunphy
B. Gallagher
2006 M. Roach G. Murray C. YuN. Alexellis T. Dunn
A. Papamiltiades
J. Tamouridis
H. Brown
C. Hounihan
2007 W. McLaren L. Paterson B. Rebbchi J. Lee D. Pettas
T. Sgardelis
N. Korkolis
2008 J. Wright D. Sgardelis L. Beer D. Vallianos M. Opt’hoog
N. Hodge
Z. Howson
2009 A.Sgardelis N. Clampett T. Aplan D. Vallianos J. Beams
J. Tinner
F. Economos
2010 J. Pollock J. Sahely L. Stute J. Do B. Gallagher
G. Kennedy
A. Angelis
2011 B. Gallagher M.Facey H. Surkitt J. Do J. Tran
B. Adams
S. Casserely
2012 N.Papamiltiades J. Haberfield O. Kraner-Tucci C. Hounihan L. Neophytou
J. Pollock
B. Swenson
2013 D. Baglava G. Bohn K. Moir U. Chol L. Beer
J. Barden-Burns
L. Judd
2014 A.Lake B.Parker P.Colless H.Waters M.Willoughby
 W.Ransom O.Kraner-Tucci
2015 B.Field-Pimm M.Cannalonga T.Ballek S.Zimmermann J.Bateman
O.Collinson D.Pistevos
2016 S.Zimmermann L.O’Halloran J.Morice U.Chol H.Surkitt
E.King N.Lowry
2017 J.Lake O.Reynolds U.Chol
L.Spinaze J.Hansen

Background on awards:

Frank McMahon
A founding member of the North Richmond Club, Frank was an enormous contributor to charities and children in the Richmond area. The North Richmond Club have been consistent and magnificent supporters of RJFC over a long period of time. This award was first presented in 1991.

Feisel Mir
A RJFC past player in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Unfortunately Feisel passed away in 1993 at the age of sixteen. A courageous and determined player who displayed great leadership both on and off the field, the club recognises him through striking this award for a player displaying similar qualities.

Joshua Weir
This award honours a young 6 year old who had a dream of one day paying competitive football. Joshua fought leukaemia for three years of his short life until he finally lost the battle. A courageous, determined youngster who was an inspiration for all whom were in hospital with him. This award is presented to the type of player that has the characteristics of Josh and we hope by this award it will keep his memory alive.

Jim Gurtuby
Jim was a trainer throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s for RJFC, willingly giving up his time and effort for club. He loved to give votes for the games played in all grades and all games that he witnessed. It would be nothing for him to be arguing who were the best players for hours after the game had finished. Jim passed away in 1997 and the RJFC honours his memory by presenting this award to the player who receives the most umpires’ votes in the season, in any age grouping.

Phil Ballis
With a coaching record second to none at RJFC, Phil has been involved in the club for close to 20 years. He has had stints at different times with enormous  success on field but also in the development of many players. The Club decided in 2000 to name its outstanding service award in Phil’s honour.

Thomas Roach (Rising Star)
In season 2004 Thomas Roach became RJFC’s first ever AFL listed player. We therefore decided to honour this achievement by naming a new award after Tom – The Rising Star award will be presented to the player across any team that its believed could reach the AFL in the future.

Golden Fist
Best spoiler for the season