MITS students playing footy with Richmond Junior Football Club

Melbourne Indigenous Transition School students playing footy with Richmond Junior Football Club. “THE red dirt of the Northern Territory is a long way from a suburban footy ground a drop punt or two from the CBD. Students at the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School have come from the top end of … + more

May 27, 2016

Girls Gala Day

All 4 girls teams played at Citizens Park on the weekend. The day started with the U10 girls at 11.30am, U12 girls at 1pm and then at 3pm the blue ribbon event, the newly separated U15 girl teams clashed in the inaugural Richmond Derby.  To borrow from the U15 girls match report: On a relatively balmy afternoon … + more

May 25, 2016

An enduring partnership…

The RJFC is pleased to again confirm Hocking Stuart as our major sponsor – Old Les Quarrell’s memory is fading a bit of late, but he thinks the partnership is now well into its teenage years. This ongoing support is terrific and continues to grow….but it’s not just RJFC that Hocking … + more

May 20, 2016

St Johns first aid course

RJFC have partnered with their neighbours at St Johns (located in the upstairs of our club rooms) to bring you – the parents of healthy, adventurous, active children – a non-certified, but highly informative first aid course. This course will provide you with the basic skills of how to manage … + more

May 17, 2016

Welcome Family BBQ Sunday 22nd May 4.30-6.30pm

This season the Richmond Junior Football Club has nearly doubled in size! We know this has thrown up many challenges in the first few rounds – however most importantly, one of the things we don’t want to change is the connectedness of the families involved in RJFC. To continue that … + more

May 17, 2016

Les Quarrell Squad

The RJFC is pleased to announce the season 2016 return of the Les Quarrell Squad ! This squad is a weekly 45 minute skills session focussing on the core skills of the game: Kicking Handballing Marking Control of the ball on the ground. Interested RJFC registered boys and girls of … + more

May 12, 2016