RJFC Gear – online shop

RJFC gear is available via our online shop

Welcome back to RJFC for 2024. We’ve re-opened the RJFC online shop for anyone who needs some new gear for their kids.

Orders can next be picked up from Burnley Park Pavilion on Saturday 20 April between 1.00pm and 1.30pm.


  • Pick-up location is at the Pavilion at Burnley Park.
  • The best place to park is on Yarra Boulevard, then a short walk up to the pavilion.
  • Please bring your order number with you to help with collection.

Any queries, please email to rjfcapparel@gmail.com

Look forward to the season getting started !



  1. What do I need for my child ?

    For each game your child will need:
    RJFC Football jumper (refer below – supplied by the club for the season)
    RJFC shorts (from season 2021 onwards, only black shorts are required regardless of home or away games)
    RJFC football socks
    These are compulsory for any game.

    We also have a number of other non-compulsory items available for  purchase.
    – RJFC Training top – Short Sleeve
    – RJFC Training bag
    – RJFC Training backpack
    – RJFC Hoodies, Scarves & Beanies

    Please note: All new players to the club receive a free training top.
    These are available to order on the website under the ‘First year player – complimentary training tops’ area.

  2. Where do I get a Football Jumper ?

    Jumpers will be supplied to your child  by your Team Manager or Coach prior to the first game.
    You keep your jumper for the entire  season and will need to return it to your Team Manager after the last round / finals are completed.

  3. How do I order gear ?

    Please go to the RJFC apparel online shop via the following link:
    Select your items, and follow the process to confirm and pay.

  4. When can I pick up my order ?

    The ‘Pick Up’ times will be:

    • Monday 27 March and Friday 31 March between 5pm and 7pm
    • then a final pick up time on Sunday 2 April, from 9am to 10am   This is the last pick up before the Easter holidays / first game of the season (23 April)
    • from Burnley Park Pavilion


Please note: Online transactions for the club incur fees and charges that are unable to be refunded should a refund be requested / agreed.