Welcome to season 2022

Hi All,

Welcome to Season 2022.

Over the last few months the RJFC Committee, and our Coaches and Team Managers have been busy in the background helping “float the boats” – pulling our teams back together. It’s not easy, as there are many moving parts and everyone is a volunteer giving up their own time to set us up for success, but without their time and commitment, our season just wouldn’t be happening. Their priority has been to get all our kids playing again, so please thank and praise them for their time and effort.

It’s so exciting that games are back this Sunday, but there will be the inevitable late withdrawals, isolations and communication lapses. We probably won’t have perfect numbers most weeks, and we will come up against other teams in that situation too. We’ll just roll with it, keep our focus on the kids we have, what we can look forward to, and who we have around us, and we’ll be on the right path. Don’t let the little things take away from our big picture – letting as many kids as possible experience the joy of playing footy again. The season is starting a few weeks “earlier” than normal and we expect more kids to join us in the coming weeks. In the same vein, we will remain flexible and inclusive to ensure there is no reason that a kid can’t play footy this season.

Our coaches are a great group of people, chosen for the culture and character they bring to our teams, and are tasked with ensuring all the kids feel valued. Please give them the support they deserve. No one coaches to lose a game, or make a mistake with tactics or player selections, but they happen. Again, they are volunteers doing their best. Don’t lend an ear to negative whispers around the boundary, instead turn it around into support and always look at the positives that our coaches are achieving. They are mentoring young people – and we around the boundary can help them with this through our actions too. We are a club that shows encouragement and respect…to our players, our volunteers, our coaches, our parents, the opposition players and parents, and most importantly, the umpires. Without all of them, footy doesn’t happen. Let’s love the fact we’re all back. And now it’s over to the kids. Lets enjoy their performance.

Good luck to all involved with the coming games and GO TIGERS!

Lachlan Mosley
RJFC President