Thanks for getting season 2023 going

Message from the RJFC President

It’s amazing that we are already approaching round 6 and we’re over a third of season 2023 done. Now that the teams are flying and grading is completed, we’re cruising in the season proper.

The only reason we have 21 teams and more than 430 kids successfully playing football again is due to hundreds of hours of volunteer hard work and determination behind the scenes. You wouldn’t believe the amount of phone calls, emails, WhatsApps, general banter around training, and basic, good old-fashioned persistence that it takes to get our kids out there playing – and this is all down to our wonderful volunteers. If a Team Manager, Coach, Committee Member, Ground Manager or Trainer has helped you out, it’s most likely they’ve done the same thing for everyone else too – a lot of unpaid love and care there. Next time you see them, please give them a high five, fist pump, big hug if you’re so inclined, or just a sincere ‘thankyou’. It will be appreciated and very well deserved. Let them know we love their work. Volunteers make the world go ’round.

We also take the opportunity to remind all Club members of our Code of Conduct. As a club, we aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone involved in the Club’s activities. High standards of conduct are expected by everyone involved in the Club’s activities. Please remember how we speak to other people involved in junior footy. If we want to continue to have a strong, successful and well respected club, we all need to be considerate and caring – not just to our kids….but to all involved in junior footy. That’s ALL our adult volunteers, ALL umpires, and also ALL our opponent’s kids, volunteers and parents. We must set and expect the highest standard from everyone at RJFC. We don’t always get our way, things aren’t always perfect, and things will always go wrong. Umpires are doing their best, most of them are just young teenagers, some of them our kids. Just chill and set an example of resilience and restraint for all our kids to see.

Another way you can thank our volunteers is by throwing up your hand to help them out, both on game day and at any of our events. Many hands make light work, and we want to keep all our volunteers sweet so they’re happy to keep doing what they do well – so let’s give them all the support we can. Next time you hear someone say ‘what “the club” needs to do’ – remember, “the club” they are speaking of is a passionate group of volunteers giving up their time and energy to make this the best community possible. Get on board, find a solution, join in and be part of “the club” that cracks on and gets things done.

Thanks to everyone involved – we really do love your work, and have a great season watching our kids shine.

Lachlan Mosley
RJFC President