RJFC Committee

President Lachlan Mosley president@richmondjfc.com.au
Secretary / Club Operations Troy Chandler secretary@richmondjfc.com.au
Match Day Operations Adam Murray matchday@richmondjfc.com.au
Coaching Coordinator Mick Murrihy coaching@richmondjfc.com.au
Apparel & Merchandise Catryn Tuckwell apparel@richmondjfc.com.au
Team Manager Coordination Jan Buchanan teammanagers@richmondjfc.com.au
Treasurer Al Sime treasurer@richmondjfc.com.au
Registrar Jo Tyrrell registrar@richmondjfc.com.au
Canteen & Pavilion Manager/Property Steward Mick Young pavilion@richmondjfc.com.au
Social & Fundraising Andrew O’Halloran/

Troy Chandler

Sponsorship & Media Priscilla Curtis sponsorship@richmondjfc.com.au
Trainer & First Aid Coordination Elissa Watson trainers@richmondjfc.com.au
Child Safety Officer Lachlan Mosley president@richmondjfc.com.au
Equipment and Purchasing
Mick Murphy
Insurance, Grants, Policies and Legal
Markus Ziemer
COVID Reporting RJFCCovidReporting@gmail.com