The RJFC Committee is committed to establishing documented policies. We encourage all members of our RJFC community to read our policies, and provide constructive feedback if applicable.

As a a YJFL member club, all of our members are bound to their policies, rules and by laws:

Codes of Conduct

The Richmond Junior Football Club aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone involved in the Club’s activities. High standards of conduct are expected by everyone involved in the Club’s activities. The YJFL Codes of Conduct are set out as below and RJFC endorses these:

The Conduct Subcommittee of the RJFC exists to deal with complaints about the conduct of players, supporters, officials and parents.

To bring a Conduct Matter to the attention of the Conduct Subcommittee, please contact your Team Manager or Coach. They will contact the member of the Subcommittee best placed to assist. Concerns raised by members of the public or another Club should be raised with the RJFC Club Secretary (email: secretary@richmondjfc.com.au ).
Before raising a Conduct Matter with the Subcommittee, please consider the following:

  1. Is the matter sufficiently serious to bring to the Club’s attention and to take up time of the volunteers who will have to deal with it?
  2. Have you been objective and reasonable in your dealings in this matter?
  3. Do you have a detailed summary of all the relevant facts regarding the matter you wish to raise?

The Subcommittee will adopt a process it considers appropriate to the particular complaint. This may involve interviews and collation of a statement of facts from the different parties involved. It may involve some form of mediation but the Subcommittee is not bound to follow rigid processes. The Subcommittee will aim to find a resolution satisfactory to the different people involved and will make recommendations to the RJFC Committee which it considers appropriate, taking all facts into account.

Child Safety

RJFC is not just about footy matches and fixtures, it’s about creating the best environment to ensure the kids enjoy the game and feel safe, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Ensuring the safety of every player is key to this, so the Club Committee has reviewed what we do in this space and developed a Child Safety Policy.

It’s something that applies to everyone, so the Club has incorporated feedback from families (including players) so that it can be as meaningful and practical as possible.

You can find our Child Safety Policy here, along with our Child Safety Code of Conduct.

Further information:

Team Formation & Selection

Injury Management & Concussion

Social Networking

For posting on our web site and other social media sites, RJFC adopts the social networking policy set out on pages 76 & 77 (Schedule U) of the YJFL Team Match Day Guide (pdf).