COVID-19 training protocols

Message from RJFC, June 2020

Dear Parents and Players,

We hope that you are all safe and well and are starting to enjoy the loosened restrictions.  We are very excited that football training will be back from 16th June (however note your Coach / Team Manager will confirm details closer to the time), and hopefully games will be back soon after mid July.

However, to abide by the government restrictions and, most importantly to ensure the safety and wellbeing for all families, players and volunteers, we are putting into place some protocols, which you need to know about. This page tries to outline them as simply as possible, but it’s still a bit of information to take in, so bear with us.

Firstly, to help us all stay safe, we encourage everyone to download the COVIDSafe App. Secondly, it is completely voluntary to return to training and to games, and we support your decision. If you do not want to participate, just let your Team Manager and Coach know, so they can let the club know.

Everyone, from players to parents / carers and RJFC volunteers will need to follow the protocols. Please read through these prior to the first training session, and ensure everyone is aware, so that things can be as smooth as possible. We will be continually reviewing to make sure they are practical and clear, and will let you know if there are any changes through the Team Managers and Coaches.

To help us maintain these protocols, there will be 2 COVID safety officers at each training session. People in these roles will have completed training and be supported by the club to do this role to ensure everyone is safe. If you want to complete this COVID-19 infection control training, you are also welcome to, without being the COVID Safety Officer – just access it via this link.

Our protocols for football training:

  1. Illness / Reporting requirements
    1. Any player or volunteer who is unwell MUST NOT attend training
    2. If a player is sent home form training due to illness, they will need ot get a medical clearance to return
    3. If a player or volunteer test positive to COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, they must IMMEDIATELY report this to their Team Manager who will report to RJFC. The appropriate action will be taken and communicated, in line with Government advice and guidelines
  2. Participant limits will apply for training
    1. A maximum of 20 players will be allocated to a training group
    2. Attendance will be tracked at each training session so if we need to do contact tracing we can
    3. 1 parent / carer only is allowed at training, and must stay behind fence lines, standing 1.5 metres away from others
  3. Social distancing (1.5 metres apart) will be required at all times
    1. There will be no contact drills during training to ensure social distancing can be maintained
    2. Training groups will be allocated specific space at each end of the oval, and not able to cross over
    3. Designated drop off and pick up points for training have been allocated and are in the attached training spreadsheet. This will limit crowding
    4. Training start times have been staggered to limit crowding – please stick to these times
  4. All players must bring their own labelled water bottles to training – no sharing
  5. Everyone must follow hygiene procedures
    1. RJFC will supply alcohol based spray– this will be used by coaches to clean footballs and cones before and after training
    2. RJFC will supply sanitiser – all participants will be required to sanitise their hands before, during and after training
    3. Parent or carer in attendance must sanitise their hands before and after training
  6. Limited use of facilities
    1. Club rooms will be locked
    2. Entry into club rooms will be limited and is discouraged. If required it will be limited to one player at a time for use of toilet facilities or first aid only (children will be accompanied to the entry of the rooms and escorted back to training group by an adult)
    3. Hand sanitising will be required before entering and on leaving rooms in the above circumstance


For parents & players:

For COVID Safety Officers: