2022 Team Information

In 2022, RJFC has girls and boys teams in every age group from Under 8s Boys/Mixed, Under 9 Girls through to Colts Boys / Youth Girls.

BOYS teams  GIRLS teams
Colts born 2004, 2005 Youth (Under 18) born 2004, 2005
Under 16 born 2006 Under 16 born 2006
Under 15 born 2007 Under 15 born 2007
Under 14 born 2008 Under 14 born 2008
Under 13 born 2009 Under 13 born 2009
Under 12 born 2010 Under 12 born 2010
Under 11 born 2011 Under 11 born 2011
Under 10 born 2012 Under 10 born 2012
Under 9 born 2013 Under 9 born 2013, 2014, or up to 30 April 2015
Under 8 born 2014, up to 30 April 2015

Age Group Qualification

The RJFC provides opportunities to play football between the ages of 7 (players need to be at least 7 years of age by 30 April in the year they commence playing) and 18 (players must reach this age in their last year of playing). The age group for a player is determined by their age on the first of January in the current year (for example, a player who is 8 on the first of January will play in the Under 9 team, a player who is 12 on the first of January will play in the Under 13 team). Under 17 and Under 18 boys will be allocated to the Colts age group and girls will be allocated to girls teams based on the prevailing girls team structure as set down by the Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL). In instances where the Club does not field a team in a particular age group, players may be allocated to the next up age group.

For avoidance of doubt, the RJFC age qualification policy will always be consistent with those of the YJFL.

It is the club’s policy that all players play in their age group for the following reasons:

  • This is the best way to protect the health and safety of players
  • To enable players to best develop according to their age and physical capacity
  • It is non-discriminatory as it applies to all players
  • It provides clarity and certainty for players and parents
  • It is consistent with the preferred position of the YJFL.

The Club recognises that at times there may be exceptional circumstances where a player may wish to play in another age group. Parents may make an application in writing to the Club Committee for consideration of a request for a player to be exempted from this policy. The request should be submitted prior to the close of the formal registration period.

The Committee will assess such requests on their merit and notify the parent of its decision in writing. The decision of the Committee will be final but will consider:

  • The reason(s) for the request;
  • The number of players in each age group impacted;
  • The future implications on the respective age groups of the request.

A request to play out of age group should be made only once while a player is at the club. RJFC does not encourage multiple age group changes during a player’s career at RJFC.

Composition of teams

Number of teams:

Prior to Registration Period the RJFC will determine how many teams it expects field at every age group level for that coming year. Factors taken into consideration will include anticipated demand and the availability of grounds.

The Club will appoint a senior coach for each team. Appointment of coaches is at the discretion of the Committee and is to be done prior to the team selection process.

Player Numbers:

An early registration period will be provided for returning players before registration is opened up to the broader community.

The number of players per team should ideally not exceed:

Under 8s: 15
Under 9s: 18 Under 9s: 24
Under 10s: 24 Under 10s: 24
Under 11s: 24 Under 11s: 24
Under 12s: 24 Under 12s: 24
Under 13s: 24 Under 13s: 24
Under 14s: 24 Under 14s: 24
Under 15s: 24 Under 15s: 24
Under 16s: 24 Under 16s: 24
Colts: 28 Youth: 24

Where registrations exceed the ideal number of players in a given age group, the additional players will be known as Squad players. Squad players will be registered with the club, will train with their age appropriate team and will be offered a place in a team should one become available. Preference will be given to players based on the order of receipt of registration. Where ‘top up’ players are required for a match, Squad players will be given preference over players who have already played for another team in the same round of football.

Final decisions regarding the number of players in teams remains at the discretion of the Committee.

Please see our policies for further information on team selection and player rostering.