Milestone banners

There a few things to think about to help your kids celebrate their RJFC playing milestones (e.g. 50, 100 games, etc.).

  • Your Team Manager can help you with understanding when each milestone is due.
  • It often helps if a number of players can group their milestone games together into a single celebration on the same day.
  • The club also provides medals for players celebrating these milestones. Team Managers – please contact Catryn Tuckwell at least 2 weeks prior to a milestone game to arrange medals for presentation on the day.

Purchasing customised banners

If you like, there are a number of companies that can produce professional banners with a week or so notice.

Some teams have recently used “Sam the Banner Man” – contact Steve on 0424 344 306, ideally with about 2 weeks’ advance notice. Cash only and does need to be picked up from their place in St Albans. Indicative pricing is:

  • 1 Person Banner – $100
  • 2 Person Banner – $120
  • 3 / 4 Person Banner $160
  • 6 Person Banner $180 (depending on size)

Recent examples:

Other options for customised banners are Homegrown Design and Milestone Banners.

Or if you’re keen, make your own as per instructions below.

Instructions for making your own milestone “run-through” banners

There are a number of sets of poles and 50 and 100 game club logoed “banner tops” stored in the Citizens Park clubrooms – see Mick Young to sign them out. There is also a stock of Tigers logo stickers in the clubrooms that can be added to the banner.

You will need to provide:

  • crepe or tissue paper in the yellow and black colours (normally around 2 metres, see instructions below)
  • sticky tape
  • white or black paper to use for letters and numbers – here are some templates that may be useful.


  1. Work out what message to use on your banner, and how many of each character you will need.
  2. Using the letter templates and black or white paper, print out the letters/numbers you will use on the banner.
  3. Cut out the letters and numbers.
  4. Lay out lengths of crepe/tissue paper that will be the background for the banner. There would normally be 3-4 lengths of paper to make the desired banner width, normally around 2 metres.
  5. These should be joined together with ~ 20 cm sections of sticky tape rather than a continuous length of tape so that players can break through it easily.
  6. Roll the ends of the banner around the poles and attach securely with tape.
  7. Arrange the letters/numbers on the banner and attach with sticky tape.
  8. Roll it up for transport. It’s a good idea to wrap it in plastic if it is likely to rain.
  9. At the ground, make sure you have at least one parent holding each pole securely as the players run through!
  10. Take a plastic bag along to clean up the mess afterwards

Some example banners as below – but be as creative as you like!