RJFC – Skill Acceleration Program

The old Tiger ventured down to Alan Bain Reserve on Sunday to see RJFC’s latest investment in its skill acceleration program – a contact skills session !

All in attendance were greeted by the physically impressive unit, Trent Bekis from Contact Skills Victoria, who conducted a couple of terrific sessions.

To kick off the afternoon, Trent ran a mixed classroom and practical session with RJFC coaches on “effective tackling versus ineffective tackling”. Specific messages left with our coaches included:

  • How tackling fits into your game plan
  • The use of pressure to force mistakes
  • The role of fatigue and frustration during contact events
  • Trent’s core elements of effective tackling:
    • Hip to hip
    • Chest to chest
    • Step thru….Elbow to hips….Turn the player
    • Impacting ball disposal
    • Pressure the player…don’t follow the ball

The afternoon then rolled on with Trent supporting our coaches to put their learnings to the test and run drills with our RJFC superstars in attendance.

Many thanks to Trent for the wonderful session and to the dedicated coaches that gave up the time to be there. Rumour has it Trent will be back in the 2019 season as will other “special guest stars” continuing the evolution of the RJFC Skill Acceleration Program.

Here’s looking forward to season 2019.
Go Tigers !

Tiger Tim