Season 2020 – RJFC registration fee refunds

Dear RJFC Community,

Sadly, as you already know, the YJFL has officially cancelled the 2020 season. We write to let all
of our members know about their 2020 RJFC registration fees.

You may recall that you paid through the SportsTG system when you completed your child’s 2020 registration.  SportsTG, after receiving your money, forward the YJFL portion to the YJFL, and forward $122.55 to RJFC. It’s important that we tell you this so that you understand that we are only able to refund the RJFC portion of the fees.  The YJFL plans to credit members with a part amount of the YJFL fee and they will be contacting all members across the league to advise what their process will be. This is something that RJFC have no control over.

Update 7 Sep – YJFL announcement of full details of the refund process for YJFL season 2020 fees.

In relation to the money paid for each player for the 2020 season, RJFC are able to offer the following options:

  1. Refund of RJFC Club Fees
    • You can choose to have the RJFC Club fees, which in most cases is $122.55 per player, refunded in full
    • Please note, for families who have registered more than two children, the RJFC Club fees were reduced at the time of registration, so the RJFC Club Fee refund amount will be less for those subsequent children
  2. Donation of RJFC Club Fees
    • You can elect to donate to the club, all registration fees paid by you to RJFC (note that this will not be tax
    • If you choose this option, we will allocate this money to purchasing new jumpers and equipment for our teams in 2021
    • The cancellation of the 2020 season due to COVID-19 puts financial pressure on our club
    • Donating your club fees is the simplest way to support RJFC if this is something you would like to or are able to do
    • However, we completely understand that this is not something that everyone can do at this very difficult time, and are very happy to offer the refund to anyone who requests it

To make your election of either a refund or donation to the club, please fill out this simple form for each child.

If we do not hear from you by Friday 18th September, we will assume that you want to donate your registration fees. Of course, if you miss that deadline and want to discuss options that may still be available, please contact Jo, our club Treasurer, at

Thank you for your support, understanding and patience during what has been a very challenging 2020. We hope that you, your family and others that are important to you stay well and very much look forward to seeing you all for the 2021 season. Our community is not the same without the almost daily sighting of RJFC kids donning the Yellow and Black.

Kind regards,

Andrew O’Halloran
President – Richmond Junior Football Club