Calling for MITS host families in 2021

Are you interested in becoming a MITS host family?

At RJFC, we have a proud partnership with Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS).

Read below for more information from MITS about the opportunity host MITS students in 2021. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Annie Carruthers at MITS via phone 0419 355 481 or email


MITS is a school for Indigenous students from remote (Northern Territory) and regional communities (Victoria). MITS creates pathways for 22 Indigenous students (11 boys and 11 girls) each year and dramatically improves educational and wellbeing outcomes.

The program involves Year 7 students spending one year at MITS on Richmond Hill, with a catch up literacy and numeracy focus, a strong wellbeing model and a Melbourne orientation program. Students then transition into Partner Schools, and live with host families.


  • creates a culturally safe and celebratory environment for students in Melbourne
  • establishes relationships between Partner Schools and Indigenous communities
  • builds Partner Schools’ capacity to educate Indigenous students as future leaders
  • provides ongoing support to its alumni/graduates

MITS relies on the support of Melbourne families, to host students once they leave MITS.

Richmond High School will have 2-3 MITS boys (Years 9 & 10), in 2021 and we are putting out a call to see if we have any interested families who would like to host a young Aboriginal fella. MITS provides ongoing consultation and support the boys, and for you as a host family.

We would only ask for a one-year commitment at this stage, as MITS are planning to expand the Year 7 boarding program into an ongoing boarding facility from 2022.

While there is no formula for identifying a great homestay family, our experience has taught us that each great homestay families has some common features:

  • (organized chaos) larger families, with lots of activities going on all the time, are easy to step into.  They are agile, understand that plans can change, and are able to “go with the flow”;
  • (culturally supportive) families with a willingness to learn, and a preparedness to support and celebrate difference, will be well placed to understand the social and cultural backgrounds of MITS students;
  • (part of the family) our MITS graduates become a part of their Melbourne Families.  The best families welcome their MITS graduate as a new family member;
  • (a school family) a family with other children at the school will be familiar with school procedures, can communicate with school staff, and will be able to advocate on behalf of their MITS graduate.